Business Proposed Training (BPT)

Posted: 2019-06-26 09:39:32

1. Introduction

Following to the agreement between United Nation Volunteers in Cambodia (UNV) based in Phnom Penh and National Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (NIEI), NIEI conducted a four-day training on Business Proposed Training from June 09th-12th, 2019 at five target provinces.

The comprehensive training package of the Business Proposed Training (BPT) is based on conceptual understanding of the process of entrepreneurship development. A participant passes through different stages during the process of Business start-up.

2. Training Objectives

  • To create awareness of entrepreneurial competencies that contributes towards starting up micro business enterprises. 
  • To sharpen decision making processes through understanding key aspects of managing and performing improvement in business.
  • To create individual or group business idea by using the Business Model Canvas.

3. Target Group and Number of Trainees

There were 60 participants (Female: 39); 19 participants (Female: 05) from Siem Reap, Kompong Thom 13 participants (Female:10), Kompong Chhnang 13 participants (Female:11), Kompong Cham 09 participants (Female:08) and Takeo 06 participants (Female:05) under the UNV, Youth Volunteering for Social Entrepreneurship, Project.

4. Training Methodology

There are practical activities used during the four-day training workshop such as energizer, lectures, brainstorming,, case studies, simulation exercises, group discussions, peer to peer learning and experience sharing by participants to the participants and coordinators to participants.