Industrial Liaison and international Collaboration Department

International Collaboration and Industrial Liaison Department (ICILD)

Job Description of ICILD

International Collaboration and Industrial Liaison Department, NIEI, was established to make relationship with the private partners nationally and internationally to develop human resources at NIEI and Cambodia. The department provides the opportunities for participants to attend the short courses on Entrepreneurship Training, NECP and EDP and Business Consultancy to make successful business. It also provides funds, credit and loans to entrepreneurs to start-up or extend their business.

Roles and Responsibilities of ICILD
  1. Industrial Liaison
    • Make relationship with the private institutions for participants to do the internship, on job training, volunteering and jobs
    • Provide and coordinate participants with jobs information
    • Collect the feedback from the employees to match with the right curriculum and promote training
    • Manage the job information database and provides jobs for participants which are studying and graduates

  2. National and International Collaboration
    • Find partners to collaborate in the technical and Human Resources Training
    • Enhance the collaboration with partners in training and development
    • Collaborate with MOU and MOA with the public and private institutions
    • Prepare the celebration or ceremony for the institute

  3. Entrepreneur Consultation
    • Do the research on the market need and establish the report about it
    • Provide training on Entrepreneurship Course
    • Monitor and evaluate the participants after the Entrepreneurship Training
    • Consult on SMEs businesses

  4. Research and Development
    • Do the research on the growth of entrepreneurship and jobs in Cambodia and worldwide and adjust the curriculum to match with the market needs
    • Monitor and evaluate the participants and students who are studying and graduates
    • Organize the meeting on NIEI’s Plan
    • Provide orientation workshop on the discovery of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  5. Loan and Credit Consultation
    • Provide loans and credits to participants and students who are studying and graduated at NIEI
    • Establish the policy of the credits and loans to the public who wish to start-up and extend their business
    • Monitor and Evaluate the process of loan and credits and figure out if there are problems occurred during the periods of financing